Troubleshooting Common Problems With Light Fixtures

If you’re having issues with your light fixtures, they might not be as severe as you think. They are usual occurrences that require maintenance from time to time since bulbs can burn out, or your wiring, outlets, and ballasts can fail. How do you solve these problems at home? Here are the top four troubleshooting tips for common problems with light fixtures. Check the Bulbs and Sockets The first things you will want to inspect are the bulbs and sockets since they are the first that may go bad and the easiest fix. Try inserting a burnt-out bulb in a different socket. If it’s unsuccessful any of them, you should replace the bulb. If the bulb does light up in another socket, then the socket may be the problem. However, if the socket looks burnt or damaged, you may be using an incorrect sized bulb. Replace all the bad sockets and go with smaller bulbs. Check the Outlets Next, you will want to check all your outlets. Test plugs in different outlets; if the light works in one outlet and not the other, the problem is the outlet and will need replacing. If a light that plugs into a GFCI outlet doesn’t work, you may be able to reset it to resolve your problem. Check the Wiring If the bulbs, sockets, and outlets are ok, you will want to check the wiring next. Use a voltage tester to test all the wires to ensure enough is running through them. If you are returning low results, then it is time to replace your wiring for your light fixtures. Check the Ballast If you have fluorescent tube lights that burn out, and the wiring, plugs, and outlets are ok, the problem may be your ballast. Attempt to replace the lights, and if your new bulbs do not light up, you will need to purchase a new ballast. While doing so, make sure you obtain the correct type for your bulbs and light fixtures to prevent future problems. Checking the bulbs, sockets, outlets, wiring, and ballasts is the easiest and most effective way of troubleshooting common problems with light fixtures. You will be able to resolve most complications this way and potentially save yourself a lot of money rather than scheduling a costly visit from an electrician.

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