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Rooms In The House Plaster And Limewash Walls Would Look Great In

Plaster and limewash walls can look great in an apartment or house. Both are very much a modern decorating trend.

If you have not tried plastering before, it is best to call in the professionals. If not done probably, both can look a real mess and that would spoil the effect.

For The Love Of Plants

Plant lovers should consider having their walls plastered or lime-washed. Nothing makes the color green stand out as much as a light color. Also, both plaster and limewash walls have that natural feel about them. That goes hand in hand with most plant decorating themes.

When you truly want your plants and blooms to stand out, a light-colored wall will make all of the difference. The addition of mirrors will add interest and enhance the light in the room.

The Home Office

Most people who work from home like their offices to be light and airy. Of course, you can choose a brightly colored wallpaper. But, after a while, you will find that bright colors may even distract you from your work. It is always best to go for light or lime colors.

Doing so will help to increase the amount of natural light in your home office. You can decorate your walls with wall hangings that reflect peaceful patterns. Think Japanese minimalist d├ęcor and you are half way there.

Limewash Walls in the Laundry Room

Limewashed walls look great in the laundry room. If you have a dedicated laundry room, you probably want it to look as clean as possible. A limewash on the walls will help you to achieve a clean look. Match the look with light-colored shelves and you are onto a real winning combination!

Going For Plaster in the Bedroom

Plastered walls are the right choice for the bedroom. They will help to add texture without making the bedroom feel

“overdecorated”. Adding too many colors and designs to your bedroom can make it feel cluttered.

If you would like to add color, consider the addition of a bedspread, colored drapes, and cushions to match a wall hanging.

That will help to make your walls stand out and make your bedroom a peaceful have for that perfect night’s sleep.

Other rooms in the house that limewashed walls and plaster walls look great in, include attic rooms and winter gardens.

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