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Maximizing Storage Space In Your Bathroom

Storage space in the bathroom is always a problem. Very few people afford to get a house with a very large bathroom. When it comes to storing things in such a small space, it can become extremely challenging. Still, there is no need to get anxious as there are a few things that can be done to get loads of storage in a confined area such as a bathroom. 1. Get a Vanity Unit If you do not have a vanity unit, you are missing a lot of valuable storage space. It does not have to be extra large but a vanity unit that is the same length and depth as the sink should provide extra storage that can be used for various necessities such as towels, toilet paper, and cleaning products. 2. Get a Mirrored Cabinet Instead of having a plain mirror mounted above the sink, you can get a mirrored cabinet. It does not have to be extremely large but even a small one can provide a few shelves that can be used to hide away small things such as medicine, soap, toothbrushes, cosmetics, toothpaste, etc. 3. Overhead Shelves You cannot install overhead shelves everywhere in the bathroom. The best place to install some narrow overhead shelves is above the toilet. They should be installed around the shoulder level of an adult so that you would not hit your head when you get up from the toilet. 4. Replace Radiators with Underfloor Heating This is the costliest option. Radiators obstruct the wall surface and make it unusable. You cannot put a cabinet in front of a radiator as it will block the heat thus that entire wall that has a radiator becomes unusable. Installing underfloor heating in the bathroom solves this issue. It is also more energy-efficient. With one extra wall area that can be used, you can install more shelves or suspended cabinets to maximize storage space in your bathroom.

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