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How To Decorate A Wall-To-Wall Headboard

The latest trend for wall-to-wall headboards has many home decorators stumped. However, decorating your new headboard is easier than you think. Many of the bedroom decor ideas we offer in our mini-guide can be completed in an afternoon.

Decorating Your Wall-To-Wall Headboard

There is no question about it, wall-to-wall headboards do look good. But many of us don’t buy them as we are not sure how to decorate them. I am not into complicated or expensive home decor ideas. So, here are some of my easy-to-follow style decor tips for headboards.

  • Add fairy lights. Adding fairy lights to your headboard will brighten it up in a few moments. You can choose a range of colors or go for a one-color alternative. If your fairy lights don’t use batteries, make sure that you have a socket nearby.
  • Say it with flowers. There is no reason why you can’t add flowers to your headboard. Although dried flowers do look nice, they quickly become dusty and brittle. Instead, go for silk flowers that you can clean. You can either make a garland or place individual flowers on top of the headboard.
  • Why not dress your headboard up with fabric? If you have not had a go at upholstery before, YouTube is packed with videos. For decorating tips, you can always check out Pinterest. You can buy special tool kits that will help you to complete the project. Choosing your fabric will help to add a personal touch to your bedroom.

None of these decorating tips are expensive. If you are working on a limited budget, you could even try shopping for what you need in second stores. Yard sales and discount stores are two other places where you can pick up decorating materials for next to nothing. Above all, decorating your headboard gives you a chance to inject some personality into your bedroom.

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