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Five Easter Egg Decoration Ideas Your Kids Will Love

When it’s Easter time, and you’re getting ready to make some Easter eggs with hard-boiled eggs, it’s time to have some fun. What if you can’t think of any ideas to decorate them with except the simple ways you’ve always have before? It’s ok; you won’t have to worry about that. Here are five Easter egg decoration ideas your kids will love. Emoji Easter Eggs To make your emoji eggs, you will need red, white, blue, yellow acrylic paint, small paint brushes, a black sharpie, and of course, your hard-boiled eggs. You will paint the entire egg in yellow and let them dry overnight. Next, you will use a black sharpie to draw on the face for the regular emojis and red for different hearts for the eyes for classic love emojis. Finally, you can use the blue for the tears for laughing and crying emojis and the white for more detailed eyes and teeth. Hello Kitty Easter Eggs You only need five supplies for these Helly Kitty eggs; a black and yellow sharpie, little ribbons and flowers, and your hard-boiled eggs. Use the yellow sharpie to draw small ovals for the nose and the black sharpie to draw on the eyes and whiskers. The only thing left to do is glue on a little ribbon or flower to the egg’s topside for a perfect bow. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Eggs For these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle eggs, you will paint the eggs with a green acrylic marker. Next, you will use small pieces of red, blue, purple, and orange scotch tape to go around towards the top of the egg for the bandana. Lastly, you will place two googly eyes on the bandanas for the eyes. Ice Cream Cone Easter Eggs You will want to start with boiling your eggs with tan food coloring. Then you will paint the top half of your egg with your favorite ice cream color, forming half circles with the tan bottom resembling the top part of the cone. Next, you will use a pink marker to draw the cone lines on the bottom half. Finally, use a black sharpie to draw the eyes and noses for your Ice Cream Cone eggs. Baby Chick Easter Eggs You will boil your eggs in yellow food coloring for these baby chick eggs. Then you will cut out little squares with orange paper, cut them in half, and glue them in the middle for the beaks. Next, paint around the bottom 20% of the egg blue or pink. Lastly, draw a black line separating the yellow from the blue or pink, including a bow tie or small half-circles for dresses in the front, two eyes above the beak, and either a bow tie or two lines for short hairs at the top to complete your baby chicks. Your kids will love these ideas, and so will their friends. They are easy to make and will provide hours of fun. The next time you make hard-boiled Easter eggs, make sure not to forget these!

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