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Classic Blue 2020 Color Of The Year For Home Decor

2020’s Color of the Year which is Classic Blue is really pretty. It is a shade that is very sleek and modern. It is also a color that works really well with a lot of other colors. Classic Blue is a color that has always been existing and loved by many. Indeed, it is really a classic color. And now, in 2020, it is brought back to life. The classic blue color is a really versatile and classy color that a lot of people want to incorporate into the decorations of their homes these days. You may also be one of those people who want to have some touch of classic blue in the house. Here are some ways on how you can add some classic blue to your home decor.


You may want to paint your walls classic blue. Solid paint colors are popular these days in which the popular colors are gray, white, cream and blue because they look really sleek and are cool to the eyes. If you don’t want a solid blue color for your walls, you may also add some classic blue stripes or a design that has classic blue in it. You may also decorate your home or room in full blue theme or mix it with other colors. You may paint your closet or your cupboards blue as well. However, if you want a more subtle addition of classic blue in your home, you may purchase furniture and/or other items including decorative items that are in the color of classic blue instead.

A classic blue couch would definitely look great on a white walled home. You may also opt for blue cushions and chairs, carpet, lamps, and wall decorations. You may also go for classic blue vases for your plants. This color looks really great when combined with orange and yellow. You may also blend in some whites with classic blue. You may also go for some wooden tones with classic blue and it would look great too. If you have a white colored couch, you may opt for classic blue pillowcases instead and for classic blue bed sheets for the bedroom and shower curtains, rugs, and towels for the bathroom. There are definitely a lot of ways to incorporate this color into your home decor.

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