Home Decoration

California Modern Style Homes

As it is evident from their name, modern California style homes first appeared in California, and then become popular in other places. Though California is where they remain the most popular up to this day. You can see a lot of them there. It’s not hard to spot such a home, they have a very noticeable, characteristic look that is hard to confuse with anything else. California modern style primarily draws on square forms, rectangular formations, and glass, chrome and steel usually used as materials. Such design is bold and stylish, it looks very modern has has a very distinct appearance. Such modernity is often combined with use of hardwood to give the home a more natural feeling. California Modern homes have large windows, extensive floor plans spanning from one end to the other, and open, visible interior spaces. The designers of such homes place a great emphasis on the idea that their interiors need to be open to the public. As a result, you can see these big transparent windows covering the whole wall. The California Modern style is inherently relaxed, minimalist and modern. It blends in the nature and is harmonious with the environment so as to emphasize the whole. The sleek minimalism of the Californian modern home style relies on simple shapes. One thing that you notice is that there is a lot of open space left. It really emphasizes space, and you can take a peek at the interior when you see such a home. What about the colors? Usually it’s white, black and shades of gray. Pale tones are also very popular and get along with this style very well. You can see white walls, black window frames and a lot of interior space visible in between. This is what truly characterizes California Modern style as such.

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