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Blush Pink Obsession: Decor For Your Home

Blush pink is a current favorite color when it comes to home decor because it is a very versatile color and it is cool to the eyes. It is also a subtle color that looks really calm. With the advent of the millennial pink color in 2016, pink has never left the color palette of many since. There are various hues and shades that are becoming more and more popular. Pink is no longer just a color that a lot of people consider to be feminine. Pink is a color that is mixed with other colors including black, gray, purple, and white. Sometimes, pink is also used by people together with gold or silver to add some more flair.


One of the really popular shades of pink these days is blush pink. Blush pink is really light and it is perfect for Nordic style or Scandinavian style for homes. It is also great for modern style of homes or even if you want to have a European princess style for your house. Blush pink fur is really pretty. You may get blush pink carpet and other furry fabrics for decorations. You may also opt for rose gold items such as baskets and other forms of organizers.

Blush pink paint is also really cute for your home. If you don’t want to paint your house blush pink, you may choose a base color instead like white or gray or even cream or some other shade of pink then you just paint your doors, your tables, cabinets, chairs, and other furniture pink. You could also get blush pink sheets, couches, curtains, and other small blush pink containers. 

Then add some different shades to complement as well or some tones like wood, marble, and metal tones. You may also add some pink flowers, pink office chairs, and other decorative items. If the room feels too pink, white or gold, you may also add some plants for a pop of color!

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