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4 Ideals To Keep Your Bahtroom Dry And Properly Ventilated

Bathrooms are very demanding when it comes to maintenance and space management. One common issue that a lot of people have is that their bathroom has high humidity levels. Because condensation builds up, it is difficult to keep dry the bathroom but there are a few ways to achieve this even if it is a windowless bathroom. 1. Dry Surfaces Since a lot of condensation develops in the bathroom, it makes it a great environment for bacteria and germs to thrive. This leads to bad smell and even mold. Every time you use the bathroom, wipe down flat surfaces if you notice moisture and try to keep them dry. 2. Get an Extractor Fan The biggest problem with humidity in a bathroom is not having a window. If you have a windowless bathroom, you need to get an extractor fan. An extractor fan will make a huge difference. The fan will help suck out all the water vapors and condensation in your bathroom, improving the air. As soon as you keep ventilated the room it will be worth the investment as an extractor fan will cost a bit to have it installed. 3. Get a Dehumidifier A cheap solution to keep dry your bathroom is to get a dehumidifier. Usually, dehumidifiers are not that expensive. You can get a small one that can stay hidden in a corner in the bathroom so that it will be out of your way. Keeping it on all the time will not affect your energy bill significantly. You can keep dry your bathroom with just one dehumidifier without needing an extractor fan. 4. Keep the Bathroom Warm Increasing the temperature in your room will increase the dryness of the air. Doing this may increase your energy bill and may involve additional investment such as underfloor heating. It can become expensive but if you want to keep dry or keep ventilated your bathroom and have no other solution, you should consider this option.

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