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12 Stylish Dresser Mirrors Lights You Up

Every woman definitely wants to have a mirror dresser in her room, in addition to reflecting of course to beautify the interior. The following are some designs of dresser mirrors with different shapes, colors, sizes, and lengths, some are equipped with LED lights to make reflections on the mirror clearer.

1. Gerlad Beveled Frameless Lighted Vanity Mirror

A mirror with a modern minimalist design equipped with LED lights. Make a perfect reflection of your face. In particular, the lights can be adjusted to the brightness level and also have 3 color settings, namely cool white, warm white, and warm light. So the LED light will not keep your eyes comfortable.

2. Dresden Beveled Dresser Mirror

An elegant and classic mirror design with a touch of gold as the frame. A mirror with a royal era design, has a gorgeous scroll frame creating a perfect and elegant bedroom.

3. Monatuk Beveled Dresser Mirror

A minimalist mirror that has a modern look treated with neutral gray to show the subtle knots and characteristics of the wood.

4. Lavergne Beveled Distressed Accent Mirror

Beautiful mirror frame texture made of high-quality material. It has a slim 1-inch beveled edge which gives a lighter impression. Mirrors that can be hung either vertically or horizontally as desired.

5. Emilee Beveled Dresser Mirror

A mirror with a beautiful oval shape with an elegant table and a flower-carved frame are sure to be liked by all women.

6. Clintwood Beveled Rustic Dresser Mirror

This mirror frame is made of wood which features a sculpted crown with a frame molding that perfectly covers the mirror. A classic like the interior in the countryside.

7. Prange Rectangular Modern & Contemporary Dresser Mirror

An Art Deco-inspired design makes this makeup mirror simply stunning. Made of solid wood accented with mirror panels, making the appearance luxurious and glamorous.

8. Adly Dresser Mirror

This mirror has a simple design but is still beautiful to decorate the room. With a simple design, it will match other furniture.

9. Franzen Rectangular Rustic Beveled Distressed Dresser Mirror

A rectangular mirror that has a solid pine wood frame with a neutral gray touch and is made with a dated impression, quite artistic for the interior of the room.

10.Mara Beveled Dresser Mirror

A mirror collection that can be ordered as a set with a bed, making the room more harmonious. The makeup mirror is simple and clean and has a contemporary style.

11. Chilhowee Modern Dresser Mirror

This mirror has a simple and classic design. Frames made of wood always match with other furniture. There are 4 color options to choose from.

12. Novella Madonna Linen Wrapped Portrait Traditional Beveled Dresser Mirror

This uniquely shaped mirror is inspired by the luxury resort on steep cliffs on the Northern California coast. Classic and luxurious to add elegance to your interior.

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