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12 Storage Shelves That Fit Right Into Your Home

Nobody likes unnecessary clutter littering the floors of their homes. Storage shelves are the perfect way to make use of the vertical space you have at your disposal. Making items you need very easy to find, along with giving your home a nice put-together feel depending on the finish.

Wayfair Basics 4 Shelf Wire Shelving Unit

Kicking off this list a great addition to your kitchen or bedroom. This shelf from Wayfair Basics does its job just as advertised. Sleek and reliable, this is a great choice if you’re looking for a budget-friendly shelf.
* 72″ H x 36″ W
* Can support up to 1000 pounds
* Currently on sale for $63.99
* Adjustable shelves

Rebrililliant Rockmart 4 Shelf Shelving Unit

Fitting right into your kitchen or basement, this shelf can store a variety of different items thanks to it’s sturdy steel and wireframe.
* 54″ H x 36″ W
* Adjustable shelves
* Can support 801 – 1000 pounds
* Comes in black or chrome finish
* Currently on sale for $77.99 – Chrome, $68.99 – Black

Lauritzen Leaning Wall Shelf

The fine workmanship of this shelf gives any room it’s in a sophisticated aura. The ideal place to put books in your bedroom and another décor.
* 57.87″ H x 23.62″ W
* 4 tiers of durable shelves
* Can hold up to 44-88 pounds
* Currently on sale for $61.99

Dotted Line Erik Steel Heavy Duty Five Shelf Shelving Unit

Crafted from steel for strength, this heavy-duty shelf makes even the clutter you put on it look stylish. Each of its five shelves can hold up to 800 pounds.
* 72″ H x 48″ W x 18″ D
* Can support 1000 pounds or greater
* Can be assembled into a versatile workbench
* Currently on sale for $95.99
* Adjustable shelves

Edsal Maxi Rack

This durable 5 shelf shelving unit allows precise locking in of its particleboard shelves. It’s also resistant to corrosion and chipping thanks to its finish.
* 72″ H x 48″ W
* Can support 1000 pounds or greater
* Precise shelf installation
* Currently on sale for $83.99

Powersville Shelving Unit

Mobility is the main draw of this unit, yet remaining sturdy and durable. Can be disassembled and set up afterwards with quickness and ease.
* 58.55″ H x 28″ W
* Comes with wheels that can be installed to make transportation of shelf easier
* Each shelf can support 100 pounds on a level surface
* Comes in Black or White finish
* Currently on sale for $92.99

Heslin Shelving Unit

A simple and practical shelf designed for safety and ease of use. Assembly is very simple and requires no screws, so it’s safe for anyone to put together.
* 57.4 H x 23.6 W
* Durable medium density wood
* Comes in different colors (varying prices)
* 5 shelves, able to hold 75 pounds

Benedikt 5 Tier Storage Rack

A useful rack that can adorn both décors, and even small appliances. Apropos for your kitchen, bedroom, or living room.
* 62″ H x 24″ W
* Can hold up to 44 pounds per shelf
* Currently on sale for $121.99

Bowles Storage Rack

Make your kitchen experience more convenient and tidier, with this multi-layer kitchen shelf designed to hold pots and pans, along with small appliances.
* 62.2″ H x 39.4″ W
* Currently on sale for $125.99
* Created from high-quality wood
* Good stability

Dawes Shelving Unit

Can be easily modified to suit your storage needs thanks to its adjustable shelves. This shelf gets the job done without compromising too much space.
* Currently on sale for $71.74
* 72″ H
* Comes in two sizes
* White or black finish

WFX Utility 6 Tier Wire Shelving Unit

Combining carrying capacity and ease of mobility, this heavy duty shelf can carry up to 450 pounds per shelf and is simple to assemble
* 77″ H x 48″ W
* Can carry up to 1000 pounds or greater
* Wheeled legs enable quick transportation
* Currently on sale for $71.74

Andes Shelving Unit

This five-tiered shelving unit provides a clean and neutral accent to your room. A great place to store your bits and baubles in your bedroom.
* 55.5″ H 45.5″ W
* 5 Tiers
* Made of bamboo
* 88-pound weight capacity

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